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Marketing & Communication

Our team of communication, design and data driven experts will help you reach your audience by developing and implementing a 360° communication strategy, helping you clearly shape your ideas and work on making them more visible.

Exceeding conference expectations is something that we strive for at Eventra. Our expertise in Marketing and Communication strategies have been proven time and time again to not only drive excellent registration results, but have served to increase awareness in a specifically targeted demographic, which ensures that your conference or event is a financial success.
• Design and Distribution of Promotional Materials
• Publication Management
• Social Media Toolkit
• Attendance Building
• Website Development and Management

To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.
- Giorgio Armani

Your Vision, Our Expertise... Unforgettable Experiences!

We raise the bar when it comes to Events Management. Contact us today… Eventra’s professional team is here to help you throughout every step of your event’s journey!

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